Established in 1986 to drill, operate and manage oil and gas properties in Oklahoma and the surrounding states. Wentworth’s primary focus as an operator is vertical production. Wentworth works across a broad spectrum of the energy industry, from geology and engineering to the production site.

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Meet Our Team

A.R. Tiehen


Oklahoma University, Petroleum Engineering. With over 40 years of industry experience, A.R. took Wentworth from a fledgling company with only a few operated wells and grew it into the dynamic organization that it is today.

Mitchell Tiehen

Vice President

Oklahoma City University, Masters of Science, Energy Management. Beginning his career in the industry in 2007, Mitchell has worked in field, production, landman, marketing, engineering, geology, and finance departments utilizing his skill set to develop Wentworth into a well managed portfolio of profitable assets.

Terri Childs

Owner Relations/Accounts Receivable

Over 30 years of oil and gas experience. Terri has been with Wentworth for over 15 years and has been a key driver in the success of Wentworth with her vast experience and industry knowledge.

Lauren Faulkner

Accounts Payable

7 years of industry experience. Lauren’s financial background and treasury decisions have allowed for Wentworth’s asset and production base to grow significantly during her tenure at Wentworth.

Mark Henderson

Production/Commercial SWD

12 years in the industry. Mark built-out Wentworth’s first successful Commercial SWD and continues to manage Coal County, OK production, pipelines, and SWD.

Ashley Maxey

Commercial SWD

11 years in the industry. Ashley thoroughly manages Coal County, OK field office and Commercial SWD location.

Responsible Energy Production

Wentworth Operating is committed to responsible energy production. Responsible to the land, the stakeholders and the community. Our aim is to provide jobs and profits in communities, where we participate in oil and gas exploration and production.

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