Teaming with the top geological, geophysical, land and legal industry professionals and partners, we study, map, lease, explore and develop key fields throughout Oklahoma.

In addition, with our own inventory of develop-able acreage and behind pipe assets, we systematically develop low risk reserves. These include drilling, re-completion and enhanced recovery projects.

Whether it is exploration, development or enhanced recovery projects, our focus is always lower risk, higher return on investment and economic parameters.


We continually seek to improve our financial metrics and production base in a way that mitigates risk and maximizes return for our company and our partners through the ever changing ebbs and flows of the commodity price cycles.

Our expertise in reservoir and well management focuses on producing wells at optimal capacity at lowest operating costs for ultimate return on investment.

Responsible Energy Production

Wentworth Operating is committed to responsible energy production. Responsible to the land, the stakeholders and the community. Our aim is to provide jobs and profits in communities, where we participate in oil and gas exploration and production.

Strong Partnerships

Enhanced Strategies